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EDT August 4, 2015

"It allows anyone to really feel like you're just a number, similar to you are generally not truly valued as a student. That They said their own procedure will be fair for you to each as well as every applicant.. Study as well as share this story: http://on.wvec.com/1N8MqBn

Out-of-state college acceptances on the rise

"I am attempting to obtain as could from state students as I'm trying to find inside state. You're just valued as getting a paycheck," Katherine LeFavre, any senior in ODU said.

Governor Terry McAuliffe can be on a mission to produce positive more Virginia students are generally accepted in to Virginia state colleges.

"Some of these are a 3rd for you to 40% out-of-staters simply because that they spend so far more tuition and also that's how they stability their budget," Governor McAuliffe said.

"I feel that because we're spending different, I must not be in any position to have within more than a person who's just planning to pay $1,000 even $10,000 more," Redith Murray, a senior in old Dominion College said.

Governor McAuliffe plans to fulfill together with each and every public university or college president to study the admission process more thoroughly.

He even said Virginians ought to fear out-of-state students might consider their particular seats in public universities.

In interviews on WTOP radio on July 29, Governor McAuliffe stated several Virginia schools tend to be consuming much more out-of-state students than within the past before.

According to the State Council of Higher Education, 74% regarding James Madison university http://naslvirginia.com students are usually through Virginia. The university involving Virginia is made up regarding 72% associated with Virginians. The Higher Education involving William and also Mary, also as Virginia Tech have 70% local students.

Norfolk State University's admissions department was the only real neighborhood university in order to reply to be able to our request remark on the situation. If anyone satisfy the requirements as well as possess a desire for you to arrive at NSU, then it's my responsibility to help you are doing that," Danielle Williams, Acting Executive Director regarding Admissions said.

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